New Islands hospital to get dedicated power supply

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) has been granted a concession for a 1,711 square metre land plot in Cotai for the construction of an electrical substation, according to an Official Gazette dispatch released yesterday.
The dispatch, signed by Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosário, announces that the plot near Estrada Flor de Lótus in Cotai is valued at MOP9.9 million (US$1.2 million), with the concession contract having been granted directly to CEM without a public tender.
According to the contract between the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) and CEM, after the concession of the public service electricity supply expires on December 31 2025, if the contract is not renewed the land plot and its constructions will revert to government hands.
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The local power supplier will pay the total land premium in two instalments, with MOP5 million provided upon acceptance of contract conditions, with the remaining MOP4.9 million disbursed in four semester instalments bearing an annual interest rate of 5 per cent.
According to the contract, the substation will be designed to provide an energy supply to the planned new Islands District Medical Complex in Cotai to ‘establish medium voltage contingency network connections in [Cotai] (…) and satisfy the increase in energy consumption’.
The local energy supplier will have a 36-month period to present the project’s construction plan, apply for project licences, request the start of construction, and finalise construction, according to a DSSOPT response sent to Business Daily.
During the substation construction period CEM will pay a total of MOP30,798 annually – MOP18 per square metre – for the total construction area, according to the release.
The substation construction area will occupy 3,135 square metres, for the development of a three-storey building; after the construction starts CEM will pay MOP9 per square metre rent.
CEM made an application for the land plot concession to DSSOPT in January 2015 with the Chief Executive (CE) approving the request in June 2016, the release announced.

Medical energy The new hospital complex construction in Cotai is divided into two phases, with the future project planned to occupy some 76,000 square metres with a gross floor area of some 421,000 square metres, Business Daily reported previously. The first phase includes six buildings: a general hospital, an auxiliary facility building, a staff dormitory, a medical college and an administrative building and central laboratory building. The second phase includes a rehabilitation hospital. The construction design contract was awarded in 2013 to a company owned by Executive Council (ExCo) member Eddie Wong Yue Kai, with an initial budget of MOP235 million, although the government has announced that expenses for the medical complex have reached some MOP1.4 billion to date. The hospital in Cotai had an initial planned construction deadline of 2019; however, Secretary Rosário announced in June that completion would in all likelihood be delayed.