New Macau Association urges new CE to restart democratic political reforms

The New Macau Association (NMA) urged the new Chief Executive (CE) to strive to restart political reforms in Macau at least during his term in office and to set a clear plan and timeline for the ‘one person, one vote’ universal suffrage elections to be implemented.

Ho Iat Seng was elected as the CE-elected on Sunday with 392 members voting in favor among the 400-strong CE Electoral Committee with seven blank votes and one invalid vote.

The NMA criticized the fact that the Chief Executive election excluded 310,000 votes in Macau and described it as an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ situation, expressing hope that more Macau citizens could be the “child who dares to say the truth”.

The association had held an online referendum inquiring residents if they supported a Chief Executive (CE) election through universal suffrage and set to end until the noon of August 25, but the voting was interrupted on August 23.

NMA claimed that its voting website had been the target of several cyber-attacks recently and that the voting interruption was aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of voters’ data.

The result of the online referendum will be announced online this afternoon, NMA stated.