New maritime transport concession in Cape Verde starts today with 13 trips

The new concession of the public service of maritime transport of passengers and cargo between the islands of Cape Verde debuts today, under the leadership of the Portuguese Transinsular, with at least 13 trips scheduled to take place. .

The public service concession, for 20 years, came into force on Thursday, August 15, a national holiday, so that only today will be made the first calls under the new model of maritime transport.

The information comes from data compiled by Lusa based on the first two weeks of operation schedule, released by the new company CV Interilhas, which initially includes the use of four vessels.

According to the schedule, the ship “Inter Ilhas”, by the owner Polaris, will guarantee today six connections between the islands of São Vicente and Santo Antão.

The ship “Liberdadi”, by the shipowner CV Fast Ferry, will make three trips today, ensuring connections between the islands of Santiago, Boa Vista, Sal and São Vicente.

The boat “Kriola”, also from CV Fast Ferry, will guarantee two trips between the islands of Santiago (Praia), Fogo and Brava, while the “Praia D’Aguada”, by the same shipowner, will ensure two other connections, involving the islands of Santiago and Maio.

The new company that manages the public service concession, according to the tender launched at the end of 2018 by the Cape Verdean Government, is led by the Portuguese company Transinsular, which has a 51% share. The remaining 49% are owned by Cape Verdean shipowners, who also provide ships to secure the connections.

In February, following the signing of the concession contract in Praia, the chairman of the Portuguese Transinsular’s board of directors stated that maritime transport in Cape Verde will have five vessels, 15 fewer than the previous model (although the owners may maintain connections outside the concession), with the concessionaire providing an initial investment of half a million euros.

The Cape Verdean opposition has been criticizing this solution, accusing it of withdrawing service from national shipowners, while Prime Minister Ulisses Correia e Silva considers that this model “will change Cape Verde”.

The new concession will allow, in the opinion of the head of government, “to make available to the country interconnected maritime connections under conditions of regularity, predictability, quality and safety”.

The new model will “allow people, entrepreneurs, producers to schedule their travels, their productions, because they know that when they have to travel and ship their products they know when they can do it,” said Ulisses Correia e Silva.


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