“No need” for heritage assessment of new Guia foothill construction – Cultural Bureau

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) says that “it doesn’t anticipate the need” to assess the heritage impact of the construction of several buildings along Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Radio Macau reports.

In a statement, IC argues that “all newly developed buildings” in the area “comply with the height limits” defined by law, that is, a maximum of 90 meters.

This comes after, last Wednesday, the Concern Group for the Protection of the Guia Lighthouse submitted an urgent appeal to UNESCO asking for its World Heritage Committee to send an expert team from to Macau to study in detail the serious damage to the visual integrity and the principal sightlines of the Guia Lighthouse.

The heritage advocacy group also wants to know whether UNESCO has received or approved a report from the Macau Government allowing the unfinished building on Calçada do Gaio to maintain its current height, ie 81 meters, above the 52.5 meter limit fixed for that zone.

On this issue, the Cultural Institute says that the current height will be maintained, as was decided after the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage made the impact assessment, according to the guidelines of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, a department that the Government Macau says it has received its impact assessment report.