No plans to start using electronic bracelets to control home quarantines – Gov’t

Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre member, Lo Iek Long, said today that local authorities are not considering to use electronic bracelets to control if people are respecting self-isolations at home as it has been done in Hong Kong.

“Now we are only focused on hotel isolations, we know it has been used in other regions but it would only be a measure for before […] In Hong Kong people even cut the bracelets to escape house isolation, we are not considering it, we are focusing on hotel medical isolation,” the doctor explained today at the daily press briefing.

Before last week local residents coming from countries or regions considered as high Cocid-19 incidence areas were still allowed to choose to conduct self-isolation at home but they can only do it now at one of the nine designated hotels for this purpose.

As of today, there are 636 local residents under self-isolation at home in Macau, and 1,718 people under medical observation in the designated hotels.

Police authorities revealed five different cases of people found to be in breach of the mandatory confinement at home, three revealed yesterday and two more today – one local resident and a non-resident worker – an infraction that can lead to a prison sentence of up to 60 days.

Currently, authorities only monitor the self-isolation by conducting random checks in residences.

In Hong Kong residents returning from overseas and have to activate them so police authorities can monitor if they are respecting the 14-day self-quarantine period., however there have been several reports of technical malfunctions or tampering with the devices.

Authorities in the neighbouring SAR are said to have handed out around 24,000 tracker bracelets as of yesterday.