Nomination Committee for Legislative Assembly by-election applies for confirmation

The nomination committee that will propose Wang Sai Man to be a candidate for the AL by-election has applied to the Electoral Affairs Committee (EAC) for the committee to be qualified for the election.

The AL by-election will be held on November 24 and a polling station set in the Macau Forum.

The by-election will be held in order to replace the vacancy caused by the Chief Executive-elected, Ho Iat Seng.

In order to run the bid for the CE position, Ho had resigned from the indirectly elected legislator of the first sector – Industrial, Commercial and Financial sector.

The nominating committee – named ‘Macau Employer’s Interest Association Nomination Committee” – was organized by a total of 95 legal eligible voters from the first sector, according to a press statement of the Macau Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

The nomination period of the AL by-election will end on August 28.

There are a total of 107 legal voters of the first sector, indicating that the nomination committee had already received about 88 per cent of its nominations.

Organizing a nomination committee in the first sector requires at least 21 nominations according to the AL Electoral law, meaning the remaining 12 legal electors are unable to organize a new nomination committee.

Once the nomination committee was confirmed by the EAC, it will submit the candidate’s information and political platform the surrogate for the nomination committee, Hoi Sai Iun, stated previously.