Non-resident workers down 20.4 per cent since Covid-19 hit Macau

Macau was home to fewer non-resident workers in August compared to July, with the number of them down 2.4 per cent from 157,823 to 154,032. The figure has been plummeting since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the territory in 2020, accounting for a whopping 20.4-per cent drop from a recorded total of 193,498 pre-Covid.

Despite the continued exodus of imported manpower, the territory’s jobless rate for those with local ID hit a record high of 5.5 per cent in the June to August period, partly driven by that fact that an increasing number of university graduates have stepped into the job market.

The worrying situation led Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng to express hopes that the forthcoming resumption of package tours to Macau and online issuance of e-visas under the Individual Visit Scheme would effectively create more job opportunities for locals.