Non-resident workers up 10.97 pct in September

The number of non-resident workers in the SAR, commonly known as blue card holders, rose 10.97 per cent year-on-year to 180,751 as at the end of September, the latest data from the Public Security Police Force (PSP) shows. In addition, according to the latest data of the Human Resources Office, it received 17,880 applications for non-resident workers and granted 10,399 permits in September. All in all, of the 180,751 non-resident workers, Mainland China occupies the biggest share with 116,667 people working in the SAR, while the Philippines comes second with 23,808 nationals. The third placed nationals are from Vietnam, with 14,467 people working here. In terms of industry, the majority of non-resident workers are in the hospitality industry, with 47,192 people. This is followed by the construction industry with 45,509 workers, losing the first place since June due to the completion or near completion of some major construction projects in Cotai. The category of domestic helpers took third place with 23,086 people.