Non-resident workforce employed in F&B, hotel, gaming sectors dropped 13.5pct since pandemic start

The number of non-residents workers employed by the hotel, F&B, gaming and entertainment sectors has dropped by 13.5 per cent between January and October of this year to about 61,037, according to data published by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL).

About 46,809 non-resident workers were employed in local ‘hotels, restaurants and similar activities’ as of October, less 14.7 per cent than the first month of this year, when the pandemic outbreak started, with the number of foreign labour employed in recreational, cultural, gaming and other services – including construction workers employed by gaming concessionaires – falling by 9 per cent to 14,228.

Overall, the non-resident workforce has decreased by 6.1 per cent between January and October to 181,631.

Since January the number of mainland Chinese workers has dropped by 3.5 per cent to 114,454, with the number of Filipino workers plunging by 8.5 per cent to 31,183 and Vietnamese falling by 14 per cent to 12,811.