Non-resident workforce grows 20.6 pct to over 173,000

In the space of a year the number of non-resident workers in Macau has jumped 20.6 per cent – from 143,752 in February 2014 to 173,358 in February 2015 – according to Public Security Police Force data published yesterday.
In terms of source of non-resident workers Mainland China continues to be the largest at 112,110 workers, a number that in one year has increased 23.6 per cent from 90,704 workers in February 2014. The Philippines provides the second largest source of the Macau workforce in terms of non-residents with 22,154 workers, which represents a 13.2 per cent year-on-year increase from 19,566 in February 2014.
Third place is occupied by Vietnam with 13,921 workers and an increase of 10.1 per cent from 12,647 in the second month of 2014. As for Hong Kong people working in Macau, the number went up by 39.3 per cent from 7,098 to 9,887 and was mostly attributable to the construction sector.
In fact, construction is the main driver of the increase in terms of non-resident workers. In this sector alone the number jumped 59.6 per cent year-on-year from 29,087 to 46,418 non-local workers. The steep increase can be explained by the new wave of casino openings expected to take place until 2017 and also by the Public Works such as the Light Rapid Transport system.
Hotels, restaurants and similar enterprises are the second largest importer of workers at 43,377 non-locals: in February 2014, the number was 39,916. Since July, this sector has been overtaken by construction as the main importer of workers, with the gap widening.
The last place in the top three by industry in terms of non-resident workers is occupied by domestic workers. This sector alone employs 22,189 workers while in the second month of last year it employed 20,494 non-local persons.