Nucleic acid tests mandatory for National Day celebrations participants

Health authorities indicated that any participant in the October 1 National Day celebrations will have to take a Covid-19 nucleic acid test.

Conde S. Januario Hospital Dr. Alvis Lo Iek Long indicated yesterday that since starting from September 23 the issuing of individual tourists visas to residents of Mainland China will be resumed, pandemic measures “should not be relaxed”.

Health authorities noted that since National Day celebrations will be held indoors and with a significant number of participants, it is inevitable that some people remove their masks and have close contact with others during the occasion, therefore, the decision to perform tests was made as to the nature and scale of the activity.

The policy applies to all present in these official activities, including reports covering the events.

‘The current procedures established by the Health Bureau for conducting nucleic acid tests allow a very large number of vacancies. Interested parties can book the test individually and do not need support from official entities or exceptional situations,’ health authorities noted.

Just between September 7 and 9, a total of 22,613 nucleic acid tests were carried out in Macau.

The SAR has not reported any new cases for 76 consecutive days.