Number of non-resident workers increases in April

The number of non-resident workers increased 2.4 percent in April over the previous month to 149,208. Like last month, imported workers from Mainland China continued to account for the majority at 94,980, followed by 19,926 from the Philippines and 12,675 from Vietnam. Analysed by industry, the majority of the workers from Mainland China work in the construction industry. Overall, however, the majority of imported workers here work in hotels and restaurants, some 39,596 of the total. In addition, 331 Americans were employed in Macau at the end of last month, the majority of whom work in the recreational, cultural or gaming sectors. There were 291 non-resident workers from the United Kingdom, 235 from Australia and 139 from Canada. The majority of the latter work in the education sector, according to the data.