Official vaccine programme insurer advances with employee vaccination support plan

Insurance company Fidelidade Macau – Insurance Company Limited has launched its own support plan to encourage all its employees to take the COVID-19 available vaccines.

In an announcement, the company indicates it will offer extra days leave and cash coupons to all employees who are vaccinated, and that after a set goal of employees gets vaccinated goal, everyone could be entitled to a lucky draw with ‘very attractive’ prizes.

“As the designated insurer to provide coverage for possible adverse reactions/side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines under the Macao’s Government Vaccination Programme […] we walk side by side with the Government’s best efforts to maintain the population as safe as possible, and supporting a fast economic recovery.” the company’s Chief Executive, Paulo Barbosa, stated in the announcement.

Fidelidade Macau was chosen out of 25 candidates by local authorities to be the official insurer for the special vaccination programme.

The insurance plan to cover death or total permanent disability directly caused by adverse reactions or side effects of the vaccination in the 90 days after inoculation.

The maximum sum insured per person will be MOP1 million with that sum reduced by half people aged 70 or above.

Fidelidade is an indirect subsidiary of Fosun International Limited – the group responsible for the distribution of BioNTech vaccines to Macau via Fosun Pharma – which in 2014 paid 1 billion euros for an 85 per cent share in state-owned Caixa Seguros Saúde, Portugal’s largest insurance group, known by the brand name Fidelidade.

In recent weeks several local companies, including all six gaming concessionaires, have advanced with vaccination support plans aimed at their employees.

As of 4:00pm yesterday a total of 143,117 people have been vaccinated with either Sinopharm or BioNTech vaccines, of which 69,384 had received one dose and only 73,733 had received both doses.

The recent increase in cases in the neighbouring province of Guangdong has led to a 10-fold rise in the number of local vaccination appointments.