One-year-old resident classified as Covid-19 relapse case

A local one-year baby has been diagnosed as a weakly positive asymptomatic Covid-19 case, health authorities announced.

The one-year-old girl was living in Malaysia when she developed symptoms and was diagnosed with Covid-19 on September 23.

Before travelling to Macau on November 23, she carried out a COVID-19 nucleic acid test in Malaysia and the result was negative.

The next day the girl and her mother left Malaysia via Singapore, bound for Macau. and when they entered the SAR, they were immediately subjected to a COVID-19 nucleic acid test and both tested negative.

On the same day, the girl and her mother were sent to the Public Health Clinical Center in Alto de Coloane for medical observation.

During the medical observation period, the results of seven COVID-19 nucleic acid tests were all negative. Then the result of a review performed on Monday was weakly positive.

Since the case was previously diagnosed outside Macau and currently the girl does not show any symptoms of pneumonia caused by SARS-CoV-2, the girl was classified as a confirmed case outside Macao and is not included in the local case statistics.

Local health authorities now also divide confirmed cases into asymptomatic cases and cases with symptoms.