Paid for by the MP

Dozens of situations involving the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) paying for hotel rooms, airplane tickets and room service, allegedly for the use of ‘friends’ of former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng, were brought to light during the continuation of the corruption trial yesterday, according to broadcaster Radio Macau. The timing of the reservations, according to the Commission Against Corruption official, corresponded with the movements of Ho Chio Meng, between the Mainland and Macau.
The vast majority of the names involved in the reservations were women from the Mainland, with the prosecution pointing out that some of these women couldn’t have been working for the MP’s office given their age – some being 17 or 18 years old.
The former official defended that one of the names on the list involved a prosecutor from Guangdong province, and others involved “missions” related to work, however a signature on a room service bill corresponding with the room reservation of one of the ‘friends’, at 1:00 am in at hotel in the MSAR, cast doubt on the claim, notes the broadcaster.
The former Prosecutor-general defended that he ‘never stole’ from the Public Prosecutions Office.
Questioned by the judge as to whether the CCAC investigator knew what happened in the hotel rooms in question, the response was in the negative.