Part-time male tutor suspected of sexually assaulting four girls in cram school

A 17-year old part-time male tutor in a cram school is suspected of sexually assaulting four underage girls, according to police authorities.

The tutor in question has been employed in a North District cram school for less than one month, with one of the girls informing one of the school’s management on October 22 that she had been touched inappropriately by the male tutor.

The person in charge immediately suspended the male tutor and the parents and police were notified.

After investigation, the police found that a total of four girls from the same school had been assaulted.

The suspect admitted to committing the crime and was charged with child sexual assault, with the case already forwarded to the Public Prosecutions-Office.

The case led to the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) issuing a statement strongly condemned the sexual assault and indicating that an investigation found that the cram school had failed to report to the authorities that it had hired the male tutor in question with obvious intentions to evade supervision.

Therefore authorities have suspended the school’s operations and ordered the person in charge to immediately inspect various deficiencies, correct errors, and formulate various measures to ensure the safety of students.

The DSEJ also added that at present, there are 403 cram schools licensed in the SAR, with more than 2,600 inspections conducted this year.

The school involved in this case had been inspected seven times this year.

“DSEJ that it has absolutely zero tolerance for any behaviour that harms the physical and mental health of students. It will definitely cooperate closely with judicial agencies and criminal police agencies to prevent crimes and jointly protect the physical and mental safety of students,” the department added.