Pearl Horizon Owners Association ‘unhappy’ over Court’s decision to dismiss lawsuits against Gov’t

Macau (MNA) – The leader of the Pearl Horizon Condominium Owners United Association, Kou Meng Pok, told MNA that Pearl Horizon buyers are ‘unhappy’ about the court’s decision to dismiss their lawsuits against the Macau SAR government, as they still believed that the government had a big responsibility on the failed residential project.

The Administrative Court (TA) dismissed a total of 60 cases involving 349 buyers in the failed Pearl Horizon residential project demanding that the government compensate their losses.

The Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan Hoi Fan, had previously stated that the 66 Pearl Horizon’s lawsuits against the government involved some MOP2.88 billion (US$357.8 million), signaling that the government would have to pay MOP7.5 million for every buyer if it lost the lawsuit.

Mr. Kou also filed a lawsuit against the government, but he has not received a court notification yet so he could not confirm whether he is on the list of buyers who saw lost the lawsuit.

“We still think that the government has the main responsibility. Over 3,000 people purchased Pearl Horizon’s units and then the government changed the land law and caused the successive situation of Pearl Horizon. It is like a ‘trap’,” he stated.

Mr. Kou knew that some buyers had brought legal actions against Polytex – the local arm of developer Polytec – so repayments or replacement unit could be provided to buyers, but he did not confirm the exact number of buyers who had done so at this stage.

According to past Secretary Sonia Chan statements, even if Pearl Horizon’s buyers lost their court lawsuits, they would still be allowed to apply to buy a replacement housing unit in accordance with a recently approved law.

Pearl Horizon buyers are allowed to apply to buy replacement housing between June 17 to August 16 in accordance with the temporary and replacement housing bill and under the arrangement of a recently created urban renewal public company.

This Urban Renewal company has received a total of 278 applications from Pearl Horizon buyers looking to purchase replacement housing as of June 21.