Peter Hickman secures Motorcycle Grand Prix win

Starting from the third position on the grid, Peter Hickman (BMW) won the 49th edition of the Motorcycle Macau Grand Prix on Saturday, taking 2:24.940 minutes to complete the 12 laps of the Guia Circuit. Hickman achieved victory on only his second outing on the circuit.
Initially, the Briton followed countryman Martin Jessopp (BMW) in the lead, but after managing his tyres more successfully was able to go on full-attack, cutting down the distance before overtaking the leader.
“It’s fantastic to win here,” said Hickman. “I knew we were on different tyres and that I would be in better shape in the second part of the race. At the end of the first lap he really did a very fast time but after two laps he was no longer getting away and I realised I had a chance . . . I passed him straight away, when I got close to him, and managed to pull away. It’s fantastic to be in Macau and winning”.
For his part, Jessop, starting from pole position, was after his first victory in the territory but was unable to catch the winner after being overtaken. In the end, the second position was the most he could achieve.
“I was hopeful the pace I had would be enough to go from start to finish but it didn’t quite work. The tyres got worse and worse, and Hickman just got closer and closer. Not quite the result I wanted”, Jessop concluded.
The third position was taken by seven-times winner in Macau Michael Rutter (BMW). The veteran never showed the pace through the race to run with the men in front. But it was enough to secure the last place on the podium, totally dominated by BMW, following a fierce battle with John McGuiness and Gary Johnson.
“I was in fifth or six before the last couple of laps and decided on a big push. In the end, I trusted the tyres a bit more because I felt that everything else was good but for the traction. Eventually, it worked well”, Rutter said.