Photojournalist Gonçalo Pinheiro partners with Maven Skateboards and EXIT store for new product line

Local photojournalist, Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro, has partnered with Chinese brand Maven Skateboards Macau skateboard shop EXIT store to develop a line of skateboards and merchandising.

The collection – named My City Collection – will incorporate three photos taken by Pinheiro of local iconic locations and elements of the city into the new products.

“These three photographs of Macau were taken at different times. I usually work in color, but I love to photograph Macau in black and white. In this series of three photographs, I tried to choose iconic situations or places in this territory that welcomed me in 2010,” the photojournalist indicated in the announcement.

Te photos, incorporated in skateboards and cloth items, include photos of the Ruins of São Paulo during the pandemic in 2020; the casino Grande Lisboa seen from Rua da Nova à Guia – a finalist in the National Geographic travel photography contest in 2019 -; and a photo of the iconic Portuguese pavement at Largo do Senado.

EXIT is a local legit skate shop in Macau establish in 2019, while Pinheiro is a Portuguese award-winning photographer who has lived in Macau for 11 years