Plans for Digital Macau include healthcare and tourism offerings


At a press conference on Wednesday, Companhia de Telecomunicaçōes de Macau (CTM), which has been working with Tencent Cloud for its Digital Macau initiative, announced that several applications involving healthcare and other services have been put into use.

Ebel Cham Pou I, a Vice President working with CTM, introduced two applications, the first of which includes digital healthcare vouchers and a mobile Peng On Tun smartwatch, which tracks the movements of elderly patients.

“With the Peng Ong Tun smartwatch, we can track and locate missing elderly patients,” said CTM CEO Vandy Poon, who also noted that this application will be used in the first ‘intelligent nursing home in Macau,’ namely, Ka-Ho Elderly Nursing Home.

CTM signed an agreement with Tencent Cloud in December 2018 to promote Digital Macau, the use cases of which were previously unclear. 

In 2019, CTM aims to expand into ‘Digital Macau 2.0’, particularly focusing on rolling out 5G networks in the Greater Bay Area, for which CTM has to partner with companies in Hong Kong and mainland China. 

However, so far, the acquisition of a 5G license has yet to be achieved.

Ms. Poon said, “The other markets are not as open, other than Hong Kong. We are trying to expand into the Greater Bay Area. The charter of licenses is not up to us.” 

During the presentation it was noted that, in 2018, CTM attempted to invest some MOP3 billion (US$371 million) into Macau’s urban development, which also includes the artificial island of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB), the upcoming light rail train systems and the installation of a fiber cable system at the HZMB.

However, the Vice President of Network Services, Declan Leong, noted that “due to national policies” the project to install a fiber cable system on the HZMB had not been completed.

In 2019, CTM hopes to launch high-coverage WiFi butler services, smart home products, and to introduce new shows, including NBA matches, to the local audience.
In addition, CTM hopes to collaborate with Tencent Cloud to develop smart expo applications, which is targeted at the Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) industry and smart hotel and retail applications.

In a previous interview with MNA, Ms. Cham said that these applications were open to all local developers.

“We will invite any sort of companies, from small-to-medium enterprises, software development companies or even universities to design and develop these kinds of applications,” said Ms. Cham.