Police authorities expecting increased border flow during the weekend

The Public Security Police Force (CPSP) indicated that it expects an increased flow of people starting from today (Friday) evening until the end of this weekend, the first since new Macau-Guangdong cross border policies were enforced.

Starting from Wednesday, people travelling to Guangdong from Macau no longer have to undergo the mandatory 14-day quarantine in the Chinese Province if they can provide a negative Covid-19 test and make a declaration of their good health through the health codes of both regions.

On the first day, the new measures were implemented a 50 per cent jump in visitors coming from Guangdong was reported.

Appointments for the nucleic acid in Macau can be made online, but the Social Welfare Bureau has set up eight locations to assist people with special needs to make appointments for viral nucleic acid testing, having helped an average of more than 500 citizens per day.

Currently, local authorities set a 5,000 quota for daily Covid-19 acid tests to be carried out, but have indicated that they have the capacity to carry out 16,000 daily tests.

Police authorities urged people who intend to cross the border to do the health code conversion in advance, avoid the peak hours, and use the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge border and the Citai Lotus Bridge border so as to reduce pressure in the Gongbei Border.

The CPSP will also increase the police force to the port to maintain order, implement crowd control according to the situation, and arrange special vehicles to divert some people to the HZMB border.

Starting from yesterday frontline casino workers also started being tested by authorities, with current policies also requiring visitors to have a valid negative test to enter local gaming areas.