Police authorities warn of surveillance cameras hacking

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has issued a warning over a possible future hacking attack on local video surveillance systems.

Police authorities stated that they have been warned by the Information Communication Technology Test Evaluation Center (ITSTEC) that a group of international hackers recently announced that it would attack internet video surveillance systems or Internet Protocol (IP) cameras in Chinese regions including the Macau SAR on February 13.

IP cameras receive control data and send image data via the Internet.

The alleged hacker group was also said to have already attacked some of its targets and to have some of these systems already under its control, with the police warning having initially been issued on February 9.

The China ITSEC is a security evaluation facility under China’s foreign intelligence service, the Ministry of State Security (MSS), and was developed to provide security evaluation services to assure the security of information technology.

PJ advised residents to take cybersecurity protection measures such as voiding IP cams exposed to the Internet; using equipment and technologies such as firewalls and VPN; as well as restrict access to IP cams through IP addresses and authorized computers and user.

Passwords used should also be more complex and video surveillance system programs should be updated to correct video recording failures.