Police detain suspect of staging a kidnapping to ‘win heart’ of love interest

The Judiciary Police (PJ) detained a man suspected of staging a kidnapping, as well as the payment of the ransom of MOP3 million (US$374,965), to ‘win the heart of a friend’.

The PJ also arrested three other suspects, the men who reportedly received MOP600,000 patacas to simulate the kidnapping on Sunday. The arrests were made a day later, PJ said in a statement.

The mastermind of the false abduction admitted that he for many years he had felt feelings over a married woman. According to PJ, the aim of the abduction was to create an opportunity to save the victim, who would be left with a feeling of debt and admire him.

The main suspect had gone to dinner with this woman and some friends and the staging of the kidnapping happened when he was accompanying her home. The friend, who was even handcuffed and gagged, was eventually released about half an hour later.

Although the alleged ‘rescuer’ ensured that he had managed to make the ransom payment, the speed with which he did it raised doubts for his wife and husband, who informed the Macau police authorities.