Police investigating child sexual harassment case vaccination health employee

Police are investigating an alleged case of sexual harassment of secondary school students involving a Health Bureau male nurse.

According to a note, the complaint was received by the school yesterday afternoon.

At lunchtime, a secondary school organized a group of students for a collective vaccination at Forum Macao, after which several students complained to the school that a nurse responsible for the inoculation of the vaccine was suspected of having sexually harassed them.

Shortly after receiving the complaint, the Health Bureau and the Directorate of Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) started an investigation, having contacted the school, students and parents to find out about the case.

After the preliminary investigation, health authorities and the DSEDJ decided to support the parents of the students involved in filing the complaint with the police, for a more in-depth investigation of the case, with the nurse transferred to a job where he “has no contact with the service users” as a precaution.

The health services also guaranteed ‘zero tolerance for any improper behaviour that may be confirmed” with the students and guardians involved to receive counseling and psychological support.