Police respond to issues raised by lawyers concerning defendants rights violations

The Judiciary Police has issued a statement denying some of the statements issued by local lawyers concerning violations of defendants rights to a legal defence.

This week Macau Lawyers Association (AAM) has issued a memo to its members in which it reveals that local lawyers have sometimes expressed to have faced difficulties in dealing with judicial magistrates, prosecutors, Judiciary Police officers and other members of the judicial sector.

Some local lawyers indicated to Macau News Agency that in some instances there are difficulties in contacting detained defendants and that in some cases police authorities ask defendants to sign documents without the presence of a lawyer.

In its statement, PJ states they strictly obey the Basic Law and comply with the Code of Criminal Procedure in the exercise of their job.

The police department also underlined to always comply with regulations enforced in 2009 that assure legal defence is provided to defendants in every step of the legal process.

‘PJ agents comply rigorously the standards and work orientations. In the last years, PJ have not received any complaints regarding this subject matter,’ the police added.

On its 2019 report the Macau Security Forces and Services Disciplinary Supervisory Committee (CFD) indicated to have received 101 complaints concerning the Public Security Police Force – mostly concerning traffic violations – and eight complaints concerning PJ for inadequate execution procedures, denial of justice, abuse of police power and bad attitude.