Portugal: Alfa train derails in Coimbra area leaving two dead, seven seriously injured

The derailment of an Alfa Pendular train, in the municipality of Soure, district of Coimbra, on Friday left two dead and seven seriously injured, the district commander of Civil Protection, Carlos Tavares, told the Lusa agency.

He also mentioned the existence of 30 lightly wounded and said that all the wounded have already been removed from the train and transported to Coimbra Hospital.

In a statement to SIC-News, the mayor of Soure, Mário Nunes, said the two dead “are not Alpha passengers” and that passengers who are not injured have been referred to the municipal pavilion, where they will have psychological and medical support.

Mário Nunes also indicated that “the Alfa Pendular hit a machine that was operating on the line.

A source from the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM) told Lusa that five emergency medical resuscitation vehicles, two ambulances for immediate life support, two helicopters, two mobile units for psychological emergency assistance, as well as two vehicles for assistance in disasters and several ambulances, were driven to the site.

The site of the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection (ANEPC) indicates that 176 vehicles are operational on site, supported by 69 vehicles and two airborne means.

The train was heading south-north and the derailment occurred after the collision between the Alfa Pendular and a working machine, and the alert was given at 15:30, according to ANEPC.