Portugal: Fake end of lockdown document alarms government

Portugal’s government is to report a false document on an alleged government plan to ease lockdown to the Public Prosecutor, considering that this misinformation generates unfounded expectations and a risk to public health.

“A false document is being circulated that presents a supposed government plan, which consists of an abusive adulteration of the lockdown table published last April,” according to a statement issued by the prime minister’s office.

In the note, the government said that this document has no truth, was not written by the government, nor is it based on any preparatory work, so the information contained therein should not be given any credibility.

“Due to the misinformation and false expectations that such a document may generate, with the inherent risk to public health, this falsification will be reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” the statement from the prime minister’s office said.

Concerning developments in the plan to contain and combat Covid-19, the government said it is preparing the future steps of easing lockdown, which will be given in due course, in articulation with the testing strategy and the vaccination plan.

“However, the government said that it is inopportune to proceed at this stage to any presentation or public discussion on the subject. This is not yet the moment for relaxing,” it said.

On the contrary, according to the government, which mentions the draft decree of the president for the renewal of the state of emergency in Portugal until 16 March, experts do not recommend reducing or suspending the measures of contact restriction.