Portugal: Foreign minister calls Cabo Verde with flood recovery support

The Portuguese minister of state and foreign affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, said that he was in contact with his Cape Verdean counterpart to have a joint work of the cooperation authorities after the floods that hit the African country.

“I have just had [a phone call] with my Cape Verdean colleague, the minister of foreign affairs and communities of Cabo Verde [Luís Filipe Tavares], who just wanted to inform me of the fact that Cabo Verde was devastated by torrential rains and that their effects, particularly in Praia, were very serious,” Augusto Santos Silva told Lusa.

The minister added that there are contacts between the Portuguese and Cape Verdean authorities so that a joint work can be carried out.

“We have established conditions for our cooperation and civil protection authorities to work together with those in Cabo Verde to see what kind of support we can give at this difficult time,” said Augusto Santos Silva.

 The heavy rains that fell in Praia, especially at dawn on Saturday, caused floods, landslides and destruction of roads and other access roads throughout the capital. In one of the floods, a six-month-old baby was carried by the waters and died.

Still in the capital, dozens of families were resettled in the last hours by civil protection.

The deputy prime minister of Cabo Verde, Olavo Correia, said that the need to use the support of international partners to recover the destruction caused in Praia by these floods and floods.

The Cape Verdean capital needs investments of €2.3 million to restore normalcy after the consequences of heavy rains.