Portugal: Journalists denounce lack of investment in state radio, TV, Lusa

The European Federation of Journalists (FEJ) has approved an urgent motion in defence of public broadcasters in Portugal and Spain, at the general assembly in Zagreb, Croatia, the Journalists’ Union said.

The unions of the two countries presented an Iberian motion, denouncing the lack of investment in public radio and television channels and, in the case of Portugal, also the Lusa news agency, according to the note available on the website.

“The proponents of the motion have also alerted to growing labour instability in these media, which, simultaneously, have seen many professionals leave the workforce and, with them, a whole capital of accumulated experience,” it was said.

Concerning RTP, the journalists’ union warned that the public broadcaster is facing a daily reduction in the number of jobs for journalists, who, when they leave the company, are never replaced – management that has increased the impoverishment of the newsrooms and that the same situation is occurring at Lusa.

Underfunding of RTP has also led to the stagnation of salaries, worsening working conditions and increasing instability, similarly at Lusa.

“Specifically, the motion mentions the latest development at Radio Televisión Madrid (the regional public broadcaster), where a new director has been appointed by the city’s mayor even before the end of the predecessors’ mandate,” it added.

The Spanish unions have also highlighted the growing political interference at national broadcaster RTVE, where some 300 jobs are in danger.

The annual assembly of the European Federation of Journalists, which approved the motion unanimously, calls for adequate funding for public service broadcasters in Portugal and Spain and demands that they be governed by stable employment contracts and decent salaries for journalists and other staff.