Portugal: Lack of labour due to poor wages, working conditions – unions

The Socialist backed UGT union confederation said on Thursday that the lack of labour in various sectors is due to low wages and working conditions and called for wage growth policy for the country.

To change the current situation, the trade union central said that “the country has to have an income policy that allows for the growth of all salaries”, which cannot “be limited to the increase of the minimum wage”.

The UGT also said that the “fight against the country’s structural problems – low wages, excessive and abusive precariousness, blockages to collective bargaining – cannot stop”.

“The implementation of the Decent Work Agenda, discussed in social consultation, even if with limitations, intends to respond to such challenges, or the discussion on the necessary changes to measures (always understood as a mere response to a long-standing extraordinary context and, as such, transitory) that continue to unbalance some aspects of our labour legislation must take place”, it argued.

The UGT said that “the accomplishment of the Social Concertation Agreements, political commitments that bind all governments, cannot be postponed under the pretext of the current political framework”.

Taking advantage that the discussion on the increase of the national minimum wage for 2022 is underway, the central reiterated its position, arguing that it should be set at 715 euros in January 2022 and that it should reach 1,000 euros in the next legislature.