Portugal: Navigator to reduce 30% of CO2 emissions in 2021 after €55M investment

Navigator on Tuesday said that it will reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 30% in 2021 with the new biomass boiler at the Figueira da Foz industrial complex, district of Coimbra, an investment of €55 million.

“This investment will allow the company to reduce CO2 emissions at the Figueira da Foz industrial complex by around 150,000 to 200,000 tonnes per year, which represents 30% of the group’s emissions as early as 2021,” a press release said.

According to the note, the investment is part of the company’s decarbonisation strategy, which decided in 2019 to anticipate European targets and propose the year 2035 to achieve carbon neutrality for all its industrial sites and, by that date, achieve an 86% reduction in its CO2 emissions.

“Meeting this target implies a total investment of €154 million, of which 55 million, around 35%, has already been made since Navigator made this commitment,” the document said.

According to the company, around 400,000 tonnes of biomass will be used in the operation of this new structure each year, and half of this figure is made up of waste resulting from internal debarking of eucalyptus wood (bark and sawdust), to which 200,000 tonnes of residual forest biomass acquired abroad from forest management and cleaning operations in rural areas must be added.

The new boiler, which began operating in November, allows thermal energy to be generated from residual forest biomass for the company’s production processes, ensuring much higher efficiencies in energy generation (cogeneration), the document said, noting that the new equipment will have greater capacity and a much better environmental performance.

The company added that the Figueira da Foz plant will be the first in the group with electric energy totally produced from renewable sources.

“Navigator’s other factories will begin to produce from renewable sources 100% of the electrical energy they consume, reducing fossil CO2 emissions with the use of new technologies, by reducing specific energy consumption and, finally, by offsetting, through the forest managed by the company, or other technologies, the 14% of emissions that cannot be eliminated,” it said.

The Navigator Company is an integrated producer of forest, pulp and paper, tissue and energy. In 2019, it had a turnover of €1.68 billion.

“The company is the third-largest exporter in Portugal and the largest generator of national added value, representing approximately 1% of GDP, around 3% of national exports of goods, and more than 30,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs”.