Portugal: Police investigating half tonne of coke on private jet from Brazil

Portugal’s Central Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution is investigating the seizure of a private jet in Brazil bound for Tires (Cascais), which was carrying 500 kilos of cocaine, a source at the Prosecutor’s Office told Lusa on Tuesday.

“The government has also said it will not give further details on the grounds of judicial confidentiality, but it has confirmed there is an investigation underway.

 Today, a police source said that the Portuguese judiciary police (PJ) and the Brazilian federal police had been alerted since the beginning of the pandemic to the possibility of cocaine trafficking between the two countries using private jets.  

According to the same source, the police had already noticed that, with the decrease in regular flights between the two countries, the modus operandi of trafficking cocaine between Brazil and Portugal had changed with traffickers using other means, such as private charter jets.

The recent seizure of more than 500 kilograms of cocaine on a jet chartered from the Portuguese company OMNI Aviação e Tecnologia, based in Porto Salvo, for a flight from Salvador to Tires Aerodrome, Cascais, is one of the cases that fits these suspicions, and the two police forces are collaborating and sharing information.

oJoão Loureiro, former president of Boavista, was on the passenger list. He has been heard by the Brazilian Federal Police (PF), and “files were extracted” from his mobile phone.

In a statement sent to Lusa at the end of his testimony, Loureiro confirmed that he “made a statement as a witness with the competent authorities in Salvador”, stressing that he was “absolutely unaware of everything that happened”.

The drug had been divided into packages with the names of famous sports brands.

According to information from the Federal Police in Salvador, no passenger or crew member was detained or prevented from leaving the country.