Portugal: Portuguese have low self-perceived health – Eurostat

Less than half of the Portuguese population (48.9%) perceived their health good or very good in 2017, the third lowest in the European Union (EU) according to Eurostat.

According to the European statistical office, seven out of ten people surveyed (69.7%) said they were healthy.

Latvia (44.2%) presented the lowest rate of people under 16 of age who perceived their health as good or very good, followed by Lithuania (43.9%) and Portugal (48.9%).

In the opposite side, Ireland (83.3%), Cyprus (78.1%) and Italy (77.0%) showed the highest rates.

In Portugal, there were more men (54.0%) than women (44.4%) over 16 of age who said they were healthy.

In the EU as a whole, 72.3% of men and 67.3% of women perceived their health as good or very good.