Postal services price hike

The price of postal services has increased slightly by 50-pataca cents. Regular mail within Macau will now cost between 1.5 patacas and 8 patacas, mail and parcels to Mainland China will cost between 3 patacas and 50 patacas, while those to Taiwan can vary between 4.5 patacas and 67 patacas, and Hong Kong 3 patacas and 50 patacas. To other countries, parcels and documents will cost between 4.5 patacas and 90 patacas. Priority mail will cost anything from 4.5 patacas to 75 patacas, depending on whether it is sent within Macau, to Mainland China or overseas. Special pre-paid packages of up to 5 kilos can cost between 370 patacas and 820 patacas, depending on region. Registered mail can cost an additional 12 to 18 patacas on top of the postal service price. The updated prices were published in yesterday’s Official Gazette.