Prostitution ring busted

As the saying goes ‘a new broom sweeps clean’ – right after the new police force took office, Judiciary Police have busted the largest prostitution ring since the establishment of the Macau SAR.
A total of 102 suspects involved in the case were sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office yesterday morning. Alan Ho, executive director of Lisboa Hotel, in handcuffs, was accompanied by two police officers. Police said they believed at least MOP400 million was involved in the case since the organisation started operation in 2013.
Judiciary Police held a special press conference on Sunday night, at which PJ spokesperson Choi Iat Peng said that the arrests were made on Saturday evening, with the six ring leaders comprising a local 68-year old male surnamed Ho who was a senior hotel executive, a 57-year old male Hongkonger surnamed Mak who worked as a senior manger in the hotel’s security department, another senior manger from Macau aged 53 surnamed Lon, a 42-year old local man surnamed Pun, a 40-year old female senior manager surnamed Wang from the mainland, and a 32-year old female receptionist surnamed Qiao, also from the mainland.
Of the 96 sex workers, aged between 20 and 27, 95 are from mainland China and one from Vietnam. The police said that 20 of them entered Macau illegally, while another 10 were carrying fake IDs. Some cash in yuan and Hong Kong dollars totalling MOP1 million were seized during the raid along with other evidence.
The spokesperson said that police were tipped off in April last year that senior executives in the hotel were allowing sex worker to solicit clients in the hotel’s ground floor area.
Mr. Choi added that upon investigation police learned that Ho had hired Wang as a senior manager of the hotel and assigned rooms to sex workers, for which the sex workers had to pay a 150,000 yuan yearly ‘entrance fee’ to work and another MOP10,000 per month as ‘protection fee’. The sex workers usually charged their clients MOP1,500 to MOP5,000 per session and could keep the money themselves.
Business Daily contacted SJM Holdings Ltd, where Alan Ho acts as a Management Committee member but the company declined to comment.