Protest organizer urges residents not to gather at Senate Square next Monday

The organizer of a silent gathering on August 19 at Senate Square to protest against the conduct of the Hong Kong police, warned local residents to not defy the Public Security Police Force (CPSP) decision to not allow the protest and still gather at the Senate Square.

A request to hold a silent protest condemning Hong Kong police conduct in handling public demonstrations in the neighbouring SAR was sent to the CPSP on Wednesday, with police authorities not authorizing the gathering on the grounds that it could incite to “illegal behaviors” similar to the incidents registered in the last months in Hong Kong.

The identity of the organiser of the event is not known, with information on the event shared in a large public group on message app Telegram.

Local pro-democracy organisations such as the New Macau Association (NMA), or the associations connected to veteran legislators Au Kam San and Ng Kuok Cheong having already stated to not be behind the protest request.

The organizer of the protest is allowed to appeal to the Court of Final Instance (TUI) but announced he will not appeal the CPSP decision while warning that residents who gather at Senate Square next Monday could be found infringing the public gathering and protest law, and charged for aggravated criminal offenses.

According to the summary of CPSP’s justifications, police considered the incidents seen in Hong Kong’s demonstration, such as burning, smearing and throwing the national flag into the sea and the  ‘Liberate Hong Kong; revolution of our times’ slogan, as violating the ‘National Flag’ law in Hong Kong and crossing red lines of the Basic Law and the ‘One country, Two systems”.

Meanwhile, the CPSP underlined that holding a public assembly to support illegal activities might send the wrong message to Macau and lead some people to follow the actions of radical demonstrators in Hong Kong, which could cause a serious impact on the local politics, economy and people’s livelihood.

Police also noted that as the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) is currently conducting Mid-Autumn Festival decorations at Senate Square and the number of tourists rallies around the square might impede the normal passage in the public area.