Protesters gather to demand justice for 13-year-old boy fatally shot by police

Hundreds of protesters gathered in a park northwest of Chicago Friday evening to protest against police killing of 13-year-old Adam Toledo on March 29.

One speaker after another spoke to the crowds holding signs demanding justice for Toledo. One speaker shouted “enough is enough.”

Some in the crowd said they came out to send a message to the city, Chicago Tribune reported on Friday. This is the first major demonstration against the Chicago Police Department since the city released two videos of Toledo’s killing on Thursday.

Bodycam video of the police officer shows the officer chased Toledo down an alley on the West Side of Chicago in the early morning on March 29, shouting for the teen to stop and show his hands. In a frame-by-frame viewing, a pistol-shaped object appears to be visible in Toledo’s right hand behind his back as he paused near an opening in a fence and turned toward the officer.

A surveillance footage from a different camera shows Toledo stopped with his right arm behind the fence and made a throwing motion just before he turned back toward the officer and raises his hands.

Toledo was shot in the chest and died.

Hours before the demonstration, the Toledo family’s attorneys issued a statement, asking for peaceful protest.

“The Toledo family implores everyone who gathers in Adam’s name to remain peaceful, respectful and nonviolent and to continue to work constructively and tirelessly for reform,” the statement said.