Public health mask scheme extended to non-resident university students

Health authorities initiated today (Tuesday) the 22nd public health mask purchase round, which will be available not just for residents and blue cardholders but also for non-resident students in Macau enrolled in local higher education institutions.

When purchasing masks, students must show the student card of the Macau higher education institution they are attending and can purchase them after the system has successfully identified the student card information.

The public round period will be open for 30 days between September 29 to October 28 and each person can buy 30 masks for MOP24.

Masks will continue to be provided to children aged between 3 and 8 years old and 30 child masks can be purchased at a time or, alternatively, 15 child masks or15 adult masks or just 30 adult masks.

Masks are available at health centres and Health Bureau centres, pharmacies included in the local health service system and centres from three civic associations (Federation of Macau Workers ‘Associations, General Union of Macau Residents’ Associations and General Women’s Association Macau) in a total of 85 mask sales points.