Public housing in Zone A to use paint on walls to “prevent tile-falling”

Public housing projects at the New Area Zone A will have paint on the walls instead of tiles, in order to “prevent tile-falling cases”, Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Rosário indicated today (Thursday), stressing that “no public works project is perfect”.

In a plenary session of the Legislative Assembly (AL) held this afternoon, several legislators have asked the SAR government to provide a solution to the cases of tiles-falling in common areas of some public housing buildings, including Lake Building, Ip Heng Building and Koi Nga Building.

In response to legislators’ inquiry, the secretary indicated that the walls of over some 20,000 residential units at public housing in the New Area Zone A, will adopt a paint approach to prevent the tiles-falling case from happening again.

As for supervision and inspection of public works, Rosário said that due to “limited manpower”, only some residential units in the public housing in the New Area Zone A will be selected to be inspected.

He also stressed that “no public works project is perfect”, adding that some minor flaws are inevitable and the legislators are trying to “exaggerate” the problem that exists in some public housing as a huge problem for all construction projects conducted by the SAR government.

Meanwhile, the Secretary indicated that the “sandwich class” housing bill is estimated to be sent to the AL for review in October this year.

Housing for the “sandwich class”, was defined as housing of a private nature with better areas and conditions than those of affordable (government-subsidized ownership) housing with a sale price higher than that of affordable housing but lower than that of private housing.

Middle-class residents who do not meet the income requirements requested for applying either for social or housing, will be included in the category of “sandwich class”.