Treasure Hotel

Quarantine for HK arrivals only allowed at Treasure Hotel from Feb 25 onwards, all other bookings cancelled

Health authorities have announced that due to pandemic progression in Hong Kong starting from February 25 all individuals entering Macau from the neighbouring SAR will only be allowed to undergo quarantine at the Treasure Hotel.

Reservations at other medical observation hotels on or after February 25 made by anyone coming from Hong Kong will be cancelled and must now be rescheduled to Treasure Hotel, a statement published at 7:00pm revealed.

Since the end of last year, the Treasure Hotel has been classified as a special isolation location for everyone entering the city coming from abroad, while previously arrivals from Hong Kong, Taiwan or mainland China areas deemed to be of high risk were allowed to carry out quarantine in either the Pousada Marina Infante, Grand Coloane Resort or the Regency Art Hotel.

However, as the pandemic situation worsened in Hong Kong and more residents in the SAR chose to return to Macau local authorities have struggled to find available rooms for every entry coming from the neighbouring city.

As of the end of last week, there were a total of 1,042 people currently under medical observation, including 274 in designated medical observation hotels, 570 in self-selected medical observation hotels, and 198 in the Treasure Hotel specialized medical observation hotel.

A total of 40 Macau university students currently stranded in Hong Kong and that wanted to return to the city were taken to Treasure Hotel on February 17 and 18, as available bookings would allow them to return only at the end of March.

Hong Kong confirmed another 6,211 Covid-19 cases today with a senior official warning that daily infections had increased 64-fold compared with the start of the month.

All Hong Kong residents will undergo universal Covid-19 screening next month, with Chief Executive Carrie Lam today announcing that all schools – which will be used as testing, isolation and vaccination venues – would start their summer holiday in early March until April 18.

Arrivals from Hong Kong currently have to carry out a 14-day quarantine followed by a 7-day health self-management period.

People who have been in Hong Kong and Taiwan in the 21 days before entry will also not be allowed to enter Mainland China through the Macau SAR during the health self-management period.