(Xinhua/Lo Ping Fai)

Quarantine for Hong Kong arrivals reduced to 14 days

Health authorities announced today (Friday) that the previous 21-day quarantine requirement for individuals who within 14 days prior to entry into Macau had been in Hong Kong will be reduced to 14 days of medical observation and seven days of health self-management.

The measure signals a possible first step in the reinstatement of normal crossings between the two SARs, after Macau authorities increased quarantine requirements for Hong Kong inbound visits in December 2020.

This change in measures is also applicable to people who have already entered Macau and who are under medical observation or self-management because they were in Hong Kong.

The period of self-management in these situations may end earlier than 21 days after entering Macau.

People under self-management are provided with a Yellow Health Code and are not allowed to enter certain public areas, including casinos, and must still undergo a nucleic acid test for COVID-19 at least one day before the end of the self-management period.

Some 276,600 people out of Hong Kong’s population of 7.5 million have received their first vaccine dose in Hong Kong since the launch of the city’s inoculation scheme in late February.

Daily new cases in the city have also dropped to lower double-digit numbers, with 10 new cases reported yesterday (Thursday)

Reinstatement of normal travel flows with Hong Kong has long been defined by analysts as a crucial step to recovering local gaming revenue to pre-pandemic levels.