Quarantine requirements for Taiwan arrivals increased

[Corrected to clarify only a 7-day health self-management period has been added]

Health authorities have increased the quarantine requirements for Taiwan arrivals.

Starting from June 11 all individuals who in the 21 days prior to entering Macau have been in Taiwan will be subject to medical observation measures for a period of 21 days in a place to be designated as required by the health authority, plus seven days of health self-management.

People in self-health management are advised to stay at home and refrain from going out, and although they may go to school or work, as usual, they should inform the school or employer of their contact or travel history and minimize contact with other people.

They should also measure their body temperature twice a day, while their health code will be shown as “yellow” during this period.

The person concerned must also undergo a nucleic acid test on or after the 27th day. If the result of this test is negative, the Macau Health Code will turn green.

The measure comes after a Taiwanese tourist became the 52nd confirmed case in the city.

As of June 9, there are still 1,674 individuals under medical observation, of which 8 individuals are housed in Health Bureau facilities, and 1,666 individuals in designated hotels.