Recent legislative amendments and police restructuring needed to safeguard national security – Gov’t

Recent local legislative amendments and Judiciary Police (PJ) restructuring are important steps to improve and safeguard national state security, the Office of the Secretary for Security indicated.

A new PJ Department of Security headed by PJ investigator, Lai Man Vai, and responsible for the enforcement of the law in the areas of state security started operating on October 12 of this year.

The new department includes four sub-units in charge of collecting and analyzing information regarding state security, investigating cases in that scope, counterintelligence, operational support, creation and study of the legal system, as well as providing support the local State Security Defense Committee created two years ago.

“After the creation of these sub-units, the PJ will be able to carry out the work of defending national security, so that preventing and combating this type of crime can have the best results, in order to better guarantee the security of the MSAR and the general public, and to support hierarchical superiors in decisions for the future,’ the Office of the Secretary for Security indicated.

A Terrorism Crimes Alert Division was also created, reporting directly to PJ Director, which is in charge of creating an information system for fighting terrorism, monitoring, alerting and communicating information in this area, with a new Cybersecurity Division will collaborate closely with the other technical subunits and those responsible for investigation in order to provide technical support in the prevention and investigation of cybercrime.

The same office stated that the enforcement of a local nationals Security legislation in 2009 served as a ‘stabilizer’ for Macau’s prosperous development, thanks to its ‘strong deterrent power’ and the proactive attitude of citizens in taking initiatives to defend national security.

‘However, in the face of the attempts and actions of external forces that are designed to prevent the development of our country and which are increasingly more intense and frequent, the risks related to national security are greater,’ the same note adds.

‘At the same time, under the guidance of the “general concept of national security’, it is necessary to apply a total and meticulous defence of security in both the traditional and non-traditional spheres, and more complete police preparation and equipment’.

During his speech at the 2020/2021 Judicial Year opening Public Prosecutor-General, Ip Son Sang, stated that the Public Prosecutions Office would fulfil its obligations in defence of state security in order to protect Chinese sovereignty.