Recidivism rate of released local inmates worsens

The recidivism rate of sentenced Macau residents has worsened in 2018 the most recent Social Affairs Bureau (IAS) report on the matter indicates.

Of a total of 113 residents that were released from Coloane prison in 2018, some 14 reoffended or a recidivism rate of 12.4 per cent, with 7 of them sentenced to imprisonment again.

This after 2017 reported the lowest recidivism rate since authorities started studying the issue, at 9.9 per cent.

Meanwhile, according to the IAS, the recidivism rate of local residents released from non-custodial sentences reached 5.1 per cent with 10 of the 198 people who compiled the IAS measures of social reintegration in 2018 having reoffended, with 5 handed prison sentences.

The number of inmates in the SAR has continued to increase in recent years, with Secretary for Security Wong Sio Chak indicating that as of April of this year, there were 1,609 inmates in the existing Coloane prison, of which more than half were from Mainland China.

Public works for the third phase of development of the new Coloane prison – designed to accommodate about 2,700 inmates – are expected to only finish in 2022.