Recycling strikers await “satisfactory” gov’t response

The Macau Recyclers Association said its member firms would continue their indefinite strike until the government announces concrete measures to support the local recycling industry. Claiming its member firms are all facing “unprecedented” difficulties due to surging rents, high manpower costs and low material return rate, the Association started to halt the recycling of waste in the territory on Saturday. “The strike will only end when the government implements actual policies. We have been voicing our demands to different terms of the government. For this term, we have already talked to the Chief Executive, Secretary [for Transport and Public Works] Rosario and the Environmental Protection Bureau,” the president of the Association, Chan Man Nin, told Business Daily via a phone interview yesterday. On Saturday afternoon, the Environmental Protection Bureau said in a press release that it is very concerned about the strike, indicating it is to study supportive policies for the local recycling industry. But the Association head told us yesterday that they are not satisfied with the Bureau’s response. “The government has been telling us to wait all these years but they have never carried out anything concrete. Is it because we are a low-class Association? We need land plots for recycling but it keeps asking us to wait,” said Mr. Chan, claiming the Bureau’s latest response is similar to other replies they have received from the government. “How can we end the strike if we cannot survive? When there are conditions for our businesses to survive, we will resume our work for sure,” the Association president said. Awaiting a satisfactory reply from the government, Mr. Chan said the Association is considering submitting a petition to the central government’s Liaison Office in the city, or staging a slow-drive through the territory. “Anyway, the further action will be decided by votes within the Association,” he said.