(Xinhua/Shen Bohan)

Relapsed Covid-19 cases already sent back home – Gov’t

Health authorities revealed today (Friday) that the three confirmed Covid-19 cases who had tested positive again after being discharged have already been allowed to return home for self-isolation.

The three confirmed cases had been discharged from hospital care but tested positive again for the novel coronavirus while subject to a 14-day medical observation at the Alto de Coloane medical centre, mandatory for all discharged patients.

These cases were reported at the beginning of May, with Dr.Alvis Lo Iek Long saying at the daily press conference that after the repeated positive tests the three patients had to extend their isolation period.

“We conducted nucleic acid tests every two days and after three positive results, we considered they could return home. They have returned and one has already completed the period for home self-isolation,” Dr. Alvis Lo indicated.

No new confirmed Covid-19 cases have been reported for 44 consecutive days.

The city has reported 45 Covid-19 cases, all of which have been discharged, with six people still under medical observation at Alto de Coloane.