Report on hotel mainland worker that tested positive for Covid-19 not true – Gov’t

Health authorities have classified as fake the information being shared on social media claiming that a non-resident worker from Mainland China employed in Cotai hotel had tested positive for Covid-19 in Zhuhai.

‘On 11 January, a non-resident worker from Mainland China, who works at a hotel in Cotai, carried out a Covid-19 nucleic acid test in Zhuhai which preliminarily gave a suspicious positive result. After reviewing the test and verification, this result was excluded,’ the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre Centre stated.

The day after all the people who carried out tests also did not show any suspicious results or tested positive, with authorities calling on local residents not to divulge or create false information.

‘This can cause confusion and panic within society. Such acts may be subject to criminal liability,’ the centre added.

Under a new civil protection law approved last year intentionally spreading rumours when a public emergency situation is declared could lead to a poison sentence of up to three years.