Requirements for those flying abroad eased

Macau will extend, starting from midnight of September 21, the validity of the negative test for covid-19 required for anyone taking a flight in the SAR from 48 hours to seven days.

The Macau Health Bureau Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre today announced the measure, which also applies to flights to Singapore and Taiwan, the only air routes currently connecting the territory to foreign countries.

Unlike Taiwan, which still imposes a three-day quarantine at a designated hotel on all arrivals on the island, Singapore allows visitors to enter without any restrictions.

The center’s statement also said that any test is no longer necessary for those traveling to the neighboring region of Hong Kong, via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge.

Hong Kong does not impose quarantine on those arriving in Macau, but requires a negative test for covid-19 carried out within 72 hours.

As for flights to mainland China, the SAR will also require a negative test carried out no later than seven days before departure.

However, the statement noted that some regions in China have stricter requirements, which can go as far as requiring a test carried out 24 hours before departure.

Macau follows the zero-case policy imposed by Beijing, betting on massive testing of the population and confinement to prevent the spread of covid-19 cases.

Contrary to what happens for those who enter through the border with mainland China, those arriving from abroad or from Hong Kong continue to be required to fulfill a seven-day quarantine in a hotel, followed by three days of “medical self-surveillance” that can be carried out at home.

Macau has registered six deaths and just over 1,800 cases since the beginning of the pandemic.