(Xinhua/Cao Yang)

Resident takes different doses of vaccines, officials apologize

A Macau resident was inoculated with two different doses of vaccines, health officials informed with apologies issued to the citizen.

The resident had taken the first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine on March 11 but in the online booking system to be given the second dose, he wrongly chose BioNTech’s, a mistake that was not detected in the health center where he was given the last dose.

“After vaccination, this resident did not have any discomfort or manifest, after evaluation by health personnel, any abnormal health condition, having subsequently been referred for a medical prescription consultation at the health center”, the Health Bureau said in a statement.

“There is information, in other types of vaccines, that indicates that the administration of different types of vaccines does not increase side effects, but may affect their final efficacy”, he added, to underline that, “currently, there are no data that demonstrate that the administration of different types of vaccines against covid-19, in the first and second doses, increase or decrease the side effects or affect the final safety of the vaccine ”.

Health services stressed that “health authorities from different regions […] have defined that people who administer different types of vaccines do not need to be inoculated with a third dose of the vaccine”.

“The Health Bureau regrets the fact that the health professional, due to negligence, did not carefully check the user’s vaccination record, so they started an internal investigation to improve the existing procedures (…), apologizing to the resident for the negligent act”.

Nearly 43,000 people received the first dose of the vaccine in Macau and just over 20,000 received the second. The territory, where 683,000 people live, has 113,770 vaccination schedules.

Macau did not report any local deaths or outbreaks and has only added 49 cases since the start of the pandemic.