Residents’ complaints about PSP more than doubled in 2016

The Security Forces Disciplinary Committee (CFD) received a total of 70 complaints about the city’s security departments in 2016 for abuse of power and misconduct, the department’s annual report indicated.
Despite having received in total three fewer complaints than the previous year, the CFD noted that the majority of the received complaints (64) concerned officers from the Public Security Police Force (PSP), with six complaints about the Judiciary Police (PJ).
The CFD noted that the number of complaints regarding the PSP had increased considerably in 2016 – by 63 per cent yearly – signalling a rise in ‘improper execution procedures, poor attitude, slowness in law enforcement procedures, denial of justice, misconduct, abuse of police power and misuse of force.’
Most of the complaints were filed by residents, with two filed by the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC).
Since the CFD does not possess. disciplinary powers, it has issued ten recommendations to police authorities, advising officers to be ‘more careful handling evidence’ since residents ‘frequently complain of negligence.’
The department suggested the creation of ‘specialised proximity teams’ serving primarily as a ‘first line of intervention’ for ‘domestic violence cases’ while recommending that a ‘call centre’ be created for ‘clarifying doubts on immigration issues.’
Business Daily questioned the PSP and the Office of the Secretary for Security (GSS) on the reasons for the increase in complaints and what measures would be taken to improve the performance of police authorities but no response had been received by the time this newspaper had gone to print.